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The Christmas concert is behind us!

Der gestrige Tag ging wie ein Film an uns vorbei. Die Ersten waren bereits morgens um 10 Uhr in der Stadthalle mit dem Aufbau beschäftigt und die Letzten verließen den Ort des Geschehens gegen 21 Uhr.

Yesterday went by like a movie. The first ones were already busy in the morning at 10 o'clock in the town hall with decorating and the last left the place of the happening around 21 o'clock.

The late afternoon was special. Some were new, but still familiar. For the first time, Woody's Sound played no Christmas carols. The "Ladies Of Brass" bravely took over this part at the beginning of the concert and wonderfully tuned the numerous spectators for half an hour. Santa Claus brought a breath of fresh air into the hall. At first he seemed a bit out of place, because he was disguised for the gifts distributed at the beach volleyball club. The angel clarified everything quickly and the children could be happy about small gifts.

Even before admission and during the break there was "action". The raffle was a great success and was literally stormed. The proceeds will be used this year to help young players who need help financing lessons and tools. Everyone should get access to the music. Thanks again to the numerous donors who made the raffle possible in the first place and who were also named on posters distributed throughout the room.

With the title "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Martin gave an insight into his childhood. It was the first movie he had seen back then. For a long time he looked under his bed in the evening, if there hid the witch with the long nose.

There was really something for everyone:

  • Action movies like „James Bond“
  • Disney movies like „The Beauty and the Beast“ and „The Junglebook“
  • Western like „The Magnificent Seven“
  • Classics like „Miss Marple“ and „Flash Dance“
  • Ballads from „Bodyguard“ and „Titanic“

Soloists were once again able to prove their skills in various titles. For example, in the potpourri of John Williams. Luna started all alone in front of the well-filled hall and played the tune of "Harry Potter". The four guys soon joined in and quickly mastered the passage in the team. A great achievement!
Martin noted how pleased he was to give the children that self-reliance and self-confidence for such performances.

Also through his stories, the cohesion within the orchestra became clear again. No matter how different, but share the common passion for music.
This was also made clear by various posters in the vestibule, where the simple question was defined: Who or what is Woody's Sound? The viewers were invited to: "Listen or play with and become part of our world." And all the guests got involved in this evening. That was also wonderful for us!

Now back to the solos.

For the song "I wanna be like you" from the jungle book, each repertoire was represented by a solo. While the clarinets, flutes and alto saxophones in the front rows remained in their seats, the trombones, tenor saxophones and trumpets of the song made their way to the front and played there. The soloists side by side gave a great picture for the audience.

After the last song, a mix by Glenn Miller, there were standing ovations in the hall. This is not self-evident and most of us have probably never experienced it. Some musicians got wet eyes and Martin could not hide his emotion. Thank you, dear audience, for giving us that special feeling! Of course, there were two encores to follow. The drummer Flo was on the line. He literally swept us off the stage with the title "Holding Out For a Hero". An, in the truest sense of the word, athletic performance. What was missing now to make the evening round? A solo by Martin Woodford!

With the hit "Sky Fall" from the eponymous James Bond strip, he showed his class. It is a true art to play with the trumpet in this high pitch and Martin has presented this art with pleasure and very impressive.

  • What kind of group are you?
  • Do you play marching music as an orchestra?
  • What do you like about the big band?
  • ...

These and other questions are asked by so many people who hear from us. In order to be able to answer it in detail, especially the youth has dealt with the topic.

Play with us or listen and be a part of our world ...

"I'm missing the words!"

"It was always a shiver down the spine."

"Just wonderful!"

This feedback we were allowed to hear after today's concert in St. Mary's Church. Already half an hour before the start, the church was well filled. This information reached us in the parish hall, where waited eagerly.
At 19 o'clock it was finally time. We took a seat on the stage and the hunting horn players built themselves up on the steps and started the concert.
In the hunting hornblowers there was a harmonic harmony and also the appearance radiated a perfection. At the beginning of each signal, Martin Woodford always tuned the pitch. This quiet announcement could be heard in the tense silence to the back of the last row.

As in the last years, there was always a change between Woody's Sound and the hunting hornblowers. In between, Martin told interesting facts about the songs and the instruments. Did you know, for example, that the first song of Woody's sound, "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba", averages six tones per second? We as the musicians did not know that. We did not count, but practiced for this great evening.

For the orchestra this classical direction was a great challenge and demanded in advance a lot of initiative and diligence. The result was heard at the concert. The soloists also brought particular diligence. Burkhard and Leonie shone with the alto saxophone at "Aranjuez" and the trumpets Lena, Max and Leonie brilliantly mastered the song "Il Silenzio".

Even the fanfares of the hunting horn players were not unknown. For example, the "Fan of Honor" and the "Dyckerhoff Fanfare" were there. One or the other march made the evening complete.

As the ground shook with trampling feet in the end, there was an encore by Martin Woodford himself. Together with Woody's Sound, he solos on the flugelhorn to "You've got a friend". In the last bars he switched to the trumpet and finished the song with a special note.

It was a phenomenal evening, also thanks to the organization of Günter Härtel. The date for next year is already booked, it is the 30th of November 2019. We are looking forward to it and wish you a nice advent season.

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The autumn is here. All of a sudden and unexpectedly, you had the feeling the beautiful summer would never end.
Suddenly, however, are Santa Claus in the supermarket and you see many people in their gardens to deal with the vast amounts of foliage. The transition jackets are brought out and we slowly think of Christmas gifts.

After the autumn holidays, we think about very different things. We look at the calendar and first have a little "p" in the face! Only seven weeks left until the Christmas concert. Until then, the time is not long and in advance there are other dates and things that want to be done and planned.

  • weihnachtskonzert2018
But then the "p" is quickly followed by an "a" for anticipation, an "e" for excitement and a "u" ... for "Uff I have to practice!".

We will all practice together, especially on the workshop weekend in late November.
We are preparing for a phenomenal Christmas concert!
On the 15th of December at 17:00 o'clock we devote ourselves completely to the

soundrack of movies

  • old classics
  • Film series that have accompanied generations
  • Movies that you recognize at the first bar of the title tune
  • Films that can be recognized by a quote

An example?

„May the force be with you.“


More is not revealed.
There will be a nice Christmas program this year from "Ladies Of Brass", which we got to know at the summer concert. Of course, there is also a raffle and Santa Claus and his angel may not be missing.


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However, if you want to hear us with classic sounds, you can come to St. Mary's Church at 19:00 on the 1st of December. There is the Advent concert with the hunting horn players for the third time in a row. Admission is free, a donation is requested.

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The church offers a great opportunity for quieter sounds that unfold their sound wonderfully. In alternation with the hunting horn players, there are some traditional marches.


Next we ring the Christmas time on the following weekend:
On the 8th of December at 16:00 o'clock we play at the castle hotel on the Christmas market. Here are also Christmas sounds from us.

With the full calendar and the associated preparations, the foliage in your own garden must be left a little bit.
We look forward to a pre-Christmas season with lots of music and happy faces. In short:

We look forward to welcoming you to our performances!

We moved to you and it was great!
At 10 o'clock we started full of energy at the music school and did not really know what to expect.
Three stations were on the program:

  • 11 am Schlossplatz
  • 1 pm Famila
  • 3 pm Krankenhaus

Each station was different and special in its own way.

At the Schlossplatz we surprised the market visitors and looked for a nice place with the red double-decker bus. This was not easy and very close. Our bus driver has mastered it with class.
After a fairly quick setup, more and more people gathered after each song. Some of them came to Schlossplatz especially because of us. Again and again, some went forward and donated a little something. Many Thanks!

After an hour of playing, we took a small refreshment prepared by our passengers.

With twenty minutes of air, we then arrived at Famila and expected a very different audience here. People hurried to Famila for their weekend shopping. We were very happy that they also took the time for our music and stayed there. A mother with two children stayed the whole hour. We also welcomed familiar faces from Schlossplatz. People have "moved" through us and followed us. Others also took the opportunity and came by bus.

At 2 pm it went quite quickly to the hospital, so that there could be drunk a little something before the start of the event.

Some musicians were looking forward to this last stop on our little tour. There was a need to sweeten the sick people there the day. All the more we were disappointed that we had to cancel after a quarter of an hour due to a cloudburst.

Looking back, it was a beautiful day. You probably noticed that not a single track was mentioned here that we played. This is because of the great experiences we have made. Bright faces wherever we looked and people just taking the time to "move" with us. Which titles we have played exactly then, comes into the background.

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