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Today the series "Musik im Park" was introduced. With great weather, Woody's Sound played in the Luhe gardens and sweetened the day-walkers and cyclists.

Further performances in the park follow on June 25th and July 23rd at 03:00 PM each time. And there is a "Summer Nights Dream" on August 19th at 05:00 PM.

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The yearly Hainfelder-Hoffest took place and Woody's Sound was part of it. With the first title (Beautiful Sunday), the last clouds were pushed aside. It was followed by classics from various decades and current hits. There was something for everyone and the visitors swayed past the flea markets.

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New Year: new music. We have a lot to do!

What do you do after the Christmas break to get back into shape during the dreary and dark "winter weather"?

You play music!

Or better:

There are colorful summer tracks that bring nothing but a good mood.
Woody's Sound is looking forward to some dates this year. The beginning will be the Hainfelder Hof. In the course of the months, various performances in the Luhe-Park will follow.
Also the plans for the summer concert are taking shape, be curious!

If you do not want to wait until May, you can visit the Big Band Just in Time benefit concert in March and listen to the melodies of the 60s and 70s.
Also the Swing Orchester Stelle is not idle. The Swing Orchestra gives the kick-off at the annual appearance at the Mayfest at BEHR AG! An experience for young and old.


You can read a concert report HERE.

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"That was phenomenal!" - those were the reports of the audience and the orchestra.
The second highlight this year is over. For six months we rehearsed and improved the songs to present the result at a three hour concert.

At the beginning a little ensemble of solists played "New World" while the main stage was still dark and everyone listened very curiously.
Speeches and a introduction of the "Alster-Flitzer" followed. They are the recipient of this years donations. 
Next the trumpets their skill with "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" and then it was time for some classical christmas songs like "Frosty the Snowman" including a visit from Santa Clause and his angel with presents for the young guests.
Martin Woodford entertained the audience with his english sense of humor. For the song "Einsamer Hirte" he sent the audience on a journey. "Please close your eyes and imagine a wide open field at sunrise." Everyone had goose bumps.
The orchestra always tries new things and sets new impulses and challenges. This happened with the title "Oh Danny Boy". At the beginning Martin read a text a bout the meaning of the song to the audience. What happened next was magical. The music captured the audince (and the musicians) and not every eye stayed dry.
But Martin also got a lot of laughs from the audience with his humor and stories about the orchestra. And there were challenges for the audience.

  • What's the name of the song?
  • How often did you hear "Jingle Bells" in the Medley?
  • Who sang that song?

As a reward Martin threw little chocolate treats.

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