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Not only is there a spring cleaning at home ... and we are not just bringing our instruments to a shine.
The website of Woody's Sound has received a make-over and shines in new splendor.

In addition to the known information, there is also a collection of press articles and many impressive pictures in the head area of ​​the orchestra.
Look around, there is something to discover everywhere.

On Thursday, April 5, 2018, the Cultural Summer Award was presented to the winners. For Woody's Sound, Alexander Melchert (1st Chairman) and Lena Sendelbach (Secretary) accepted the award with thanks and presented the project shortly.

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Woody's Sound sets in motion and wants to bring the music and the joy to the people. For this purpose, the Big Band will drive down several locations with a red, English double-decker bus and play small gigs. In addition, listeners can enjoy delicious burgers on the bus. Accurate locations and playing times will be announced in time.

Alexander Melchert also sent a few words of thanks to Gerd Trautvetter, who until recently still chaired the association and was instrumental in the concept and the submission.

Quote from the press release:

  • 20180402-neuer-vorstand
Despite the good work of the board members, there was a surprising change at the top. Gerd Trautvetter, from 2010 to 2012 second chairman and then first chairman of the orchestra and longtime treasurer Hans-Peter Jürs stated at the beginning of the election that they are no longer available for their posts. "We want to make way for the younger ones!", Explains the 79-year-old Hans-Peter Jürs his decision. From now on the orchestra club will be led by the first chairman Alexander Melchert, since 2008 secretary. Susanne Möller was confirmed as the second chairwoman. New Uschi Paddock were elected as treasurer and Lena Sendelbach as secretary. Britta Zimmermann and Leonie Bartsch were confirmed as assessors.

[...] With a big thank you to the departing board members Gerd Trautvetter and Hans-Peter Jürs, the orchestra went into the Easter holidays.

Text: Susanne Möller

The winter break is over. The days are getting longer and we are warming up the instruments. Ok ... let's be honest ... they never got cold.

The new year started with a bang: Woody's Sound is the winner of this year's Summer of Culture Prize. The joy is huge and the preparations for September are in full swing. The motto: "Woody's Sound on Tour - Movement through Music"

The second bang lurked around the corner at the end of the year. Woody's Sound had a visit from the member of parliament Svenja Stadtler. She listened to a rehearsal and was very interested in the honorary offices and the structures in the club. Now we were invited to Berlin for three days, from July 3rd to July 5th! We'll keep you up to date!

Also applies the saying: After the Christmas Concert is before the Summer Concert.

The date, 24.06., has long been known and during the winter break Martin Woodford was busy writing notes. The direction of the concert is getting clear. We can not wait to give a closer look here soon. Who does not want to wait until 24.06., may listen to earlier performances.

  • The Swing Orchestra Stelle is the first on January 26th in the Kurhaus in Bad Bevensen.
  • Woody's Sound begins the season opener at the BIGS flea market on May 6th.
  • Just in Time starts later in the year (on June 16th), but is on international stage. There will be the annual performance at the German Championship Terrain CCI **** in Luhmühlen.

But we are not only musically at work. Also here on the website a lot is happening. For image materials, facts, etc., a press center is being created which will soon go online. In addition, the "News" section has been extended by a few functions. Take a look around.

As nice as it is to look into the future, it’s also nice to look back again to the wonderful christmas concert and a beautiful evening. Thanks a lot to Arwid for the photos.

  • 2018-kultursommerpreis

The Cultural Summer Award is awarded annually and honors event ideas. This year's theme is "On the Move". The music of Woody's Sound has a lot to do with "movement". We want to bring this concept closer to people and will continue to introduce it in the near future. The appointment is 15.09.2018.

Source: Kulturlandkreis Harburg








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