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It's a wine festival in Winsen / Luhe and Woody's Sound is playing for you. It was played for two hours and we entertained the guests with a lot of fun and joy for the music. The "little ones" were happy about "Blue da ba dee" and for the "older ones" we had a medley from Boney M and "Burning Love" from Elvis Presley.

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This year's summer concert of "Woody's Sound" is dedicated to two musical giants of the 60s: the Beatles and the Stones.

They shaped the music of their time like no other. But even the solo artists of these exciting rock years should not be neglected at the open air concert in Ashausen, especially Sir Elton John.
During a musical jump across the pond "Woody's Sound" lands in the time of the Motown Sound. The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross delivered one hit after the other. You can hear some of them on Sunday, June 24, starting at 3 pm at the "School of Music" at Ashausener Str. 42. "With this whole fund we would like to play a whole weekend for you," it is said from the orchestra, "but unfortunately we must confine ourselves."

Join us in an exciting, if not revolutionary, era in music history. Also included is the new orchestra "Ladies Of Brass", admission is free.

Source: Susanne Siebels
Verlag für faire Werbung

The last gig is exactly one week ago and Woody's sound was back in full swing and of course with cloudless skies. On the last day of the city festival, Woody's Sound heralded the day and played one great title after the other. Max Behr shone on the trumpet and Christian Stenz on the keyboard with their solos on "Feeling Good". Also the trombones had their hands full with "The Heat is on". The alto and tenor saxophones put on a true excercise with "One Step Beyond". A nice appearance on a "picture perfect Sunday".

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Just in time for the flea market on the Hainfelder Hof there was sunshine! Not a cloud was in the sky. That's why Woody's Sound started its performance with "Beautiful Sunday". About three hours was played, there was something for everyone. A true beautiful Sunday!

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It seemed like a normal Tuesday night. At a quarter to eight, the orchestra members began to arrive at the rehearsal room. You could hear the usual background noise consisting of greetings, exciting stories, scales and note phrases.

Martin came into the room and went forward to his place. He already announced the first title and Peter Könecke stood up and made his voice heard.

People please listen. Some have already wondered what this bottle of sparkling wine (Editor's note: "very big" bottle of sparkling wine) is doing here. Today is a special day. Almost to the day, I took my first lesson in trombone 25 years ago with Martin. Martin, in the break we celebrate!

The orchestra was baffled for a brief second and then applauded. A really great moment.

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On April 21, 1993 Peter had his first lesson with Martin. He later showed all those interested the old exercise book with an entry from April 1993. His performance was graded "Good" in English.
In the following months, Martin's students crystallized into the early days of an orchestra. Soon after, Woody's Sound was founded with Peter Könecke as a founding member. He also worked as a secretary on the board for some time.

It's a tradition at Woody's Sound that anyone who spends something may wish a title. Peter made a choice that could not have been better:

Thank you for the music

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