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Pirates cheered by cheerleaders

We prepared for two years and before we know it, a week has passed in England and we are on the bus on the way home. Behind us lies a time full of activities, impressions and lasting moments.

With a group of about 40 musicians we made our way to Redditch (Birmingham), where we stayed at the hotel "Meadow Farm", an old property with an incredible charm. The program was colorful, as were the participants. After all, it was an age range of 12 years to 81 years on this trip to bring together.

We were able to visit the Morgan car factory, follow in the footsteps of Shakespeare in Stratford upon Avon and stormed the imposing castle in Conwy. With a hike in the Malvern Hills and the canals of Worcestershire and a day trip to North Wales, the landscape and nature were not forgotten.

Besides these impressions and the community we were there because of the music in England. On Saturday afternoon we were allowed to play at Yartes Court in Evesham. Already on arrival at the senior residence, Bev and her colleagues waved to us with joy and warmly received us. The following 90-minute performance was one of a very special kind. We felt so much joy, enthusiasm and gratitude from the audience. A highlight here was Martin's solo to "What a wonderful world", with him sitting next to Enid and just playing for her. Because Enid is 100 years old and this title has a special meaning for her. Later, she was seen dancing as well in the livelier titles. The orchestra was thrilled with her energy and that of the other guests in the hall.

Our audience on Tuesday was about 90 years younger. It was the most eager day in the schools. In the morning there was a happy reunion with the head of the school in Walkwood. Martin explained the instruments with appropriate British humor, and the students curiously tried to get a sound out. We were enchanted by the loud singing of the students to the title "Cheerleader" with a perfect solo on the trumpet by Max. We were wrong when we thought that it could not get better. To the theme tune of "Pirates of the Caribbean," our "cheerleaders" cheered us on and we were literally overrun by the energy.

It was a very nice performance, which was repeated after a break with fish and chips at Astwood Bank School. These little kids - from 4 years upwards - were full of enthusiasm and touched us with their accompanying singing.

After 19 hours of driving, we arrived home tired but happy at 2:30 pm and will revel in the memories of this past week for a long time. It's time to start planning for the next trip to England, two years will pass quickly. At this point, the entire orchestra would like to thank Martin and Leonie for the perfect planning and organization of the trip - you did a great job. Even our bus driver Klaus mastered the left-hand traffic and always supplied us with fresh coffee and sausage. Thank you very much that we felt so at home in your bus.

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