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Picnic Concert in Stove

The Ladies Of Brass invited to Stover Strand for a picnic concert today. The sun was shining, the people were in a good mood, laughing and making themselves comfortable with their chairs, tables and other utensils.

At 14 o'clock Ladies Of Brass started with "Beautiful Sunday" in the concert and got the audience into a groove.
Afterwards, it was time for Woody's Sound to wake up from the winter break, playing one hit after another for a good two hours.
Some soloists were allowed to shine with Yolanda on the flute and Alex and Lena on the french horn. It takes some nerves when Martin suddenly holds a microphone in front of the instrument. He also inspired the audience with solos on "What a wonderful world" and "Feelings".

In between Martin gave a look "behind the scenes" chattered a lot and gave the afternoon a beautiful spin.

At the end, Ladies Of Brass took over again and played the "Landfrauenlied", which all the audience sang along and stood up at the end.
We would like to thank you for this beautiful, great organized afternoon.

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