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Due to the long-lasting limitations of the Corona crisis, we are unfortunately forced to cancel the Summer Concert 2020 on July 12th. The concept and the motto are there, even the title list was almost finished, but we have to cancel.
Due to the missing, common rehearsals, it is not possible for us to provide you with the usual quality.

Our goal is to start again after the summer holidays and end the year with a phenomenal Christmas concert program.

Until then, we wish you and your families all the best and stay healthy!

Spender im Sender Woodys Sound

On December 21, 2019 at 4:20 p.m. we could be heard at Radio Hamburg, how we were proud to hand over the raffle income of our Christmas concert for a good cause.

Many thanks to Radio Hamburg for the experience and the great fundraiser. We were happy to be there!

If you missed us, you can hear the concert announcement from 11.12.2019 and the recording from the studio.

Donation handover:


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A spectator murmured this question after yesterday's concert. The question is quite justified, because Woody's sound sparked fireworks of rousing disco hits.

Before the room was grooved, however, the Ladies of Brass tuned the audience with Christmas titles and Santa sent the three holy kings over with small gifts for the children. Martin Woodford also got a surprise because the concert day was also his birthday. So the orchestra, which was still among the audience at the time, serenaded after White Christmas and presented him with a present.

During a short renovation phase, the 1st chairman Alexander Melchert welcomed the numerous guests in the almost sold-out town hall and handed over to Martina Müller from Radio Hamburg, who presented the purpose of this year's concert, namely Radio Hamburg: Listeners help children.

In the course of the evening there was one surprise after the other for the audience, because the titles played and their performers were - as every year - "strictly" secret and had to be guessed. The right answers were rewarded with flying chocolate Santa Clauses. However, for general amusement, the orchestra chief blabbed one or two times this year with his moderation ...

The titles were versatile. After a tremendous opening, it started with YMCA, followed by hits from Earth, Wind & Fire. The Latin side of the disco era was not neglected either with Copacabana and Que sera mi vida.
During the pieces, soloists kept coming up and impressing the audience. A solo by Martin and Max on saxophone and trumpet for Simply the Best was particularly beautiful.

With all the surprises, the orchestra itself was caught off guard. Martin stopped the hit One Step Beyond after just under a minute. What was going on? Was it played wrong? There was unrest, there was not yet a break in the title at the Christmas concert. The reason was simple:
With 22 saxophones, the piece should be played standing by these musicians, so that they give everything and could be duly appreciated by the audience. Thunderous applause for this firework was the thanks to the great Saxis.

After songs by the Pet Shop Boys and Ricky Martin, the concert came to an end. Due to the standing applause, the orchestra was drawn to three encores and Martin performed a phenomenal solo on the trumpet for Sky Fall.

The Woody’s Sound Orchestra thanks all viewers, supporters and donors. It was a great concert and a wonderful musical year for us. We wish you and your families a wonderful Advent and Christmas season, a happy New Year and look forward to welcoming you again next year when we perform.

The Saturday night on the first weekend of Advent belongs to the Advent concert of Woody's Sound and the hunting horns in St. Mary's Church. This date has become an indispensable part of many people's calendars.

And so the church was well filled on the last Saturday evening already one hour before the concert began. And a tense murmur was in the air.
The hunting horn players and the orchestra alternated again and again after a few tracks and so the audience was able to enjoy the many facets of brass music.

Woody's Sound played alongside classical titles by Beethoven and Handel as well as a play from the musical Cats, Imagine by John Lennon and "Einsamer Hirrte" by James Last. In Ave Maria (by Schubert) the trumpets played on their flugelhorns and Josefine played a strong solo on the alto saxophone.

The hunting horn players shine with a change of marches, fanfares and hunting signals. Even with a Christmas duet with the orchestra, you could highlight the signals beautifully.

When the last song had died away with applause, the audience started to leave. Martin Woodford picked up the microphone and asked with a smile, "Are you ready to leave? We would still have one ... " An addition outside the program!

One thing was missing: a solo by Martin Woodford on the flugelhorn.

The orchestra played "Freiheit" from Marius Müller-Westerhagen and Martin played so softly that so many handkerchiefs had to be drawn in the audience. It was a beautiful start to the Christmas season. The orchestra would like to thank Günter Härtel for the organization. Until next time!

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2019 11 07"I feel disco" - the viewers will experience this on 14 December 2019 from 5 pm in the town hall Winsen. Woody's Sound invites you to a traditional Christmas concert this evening. But those who know this big band knows that these concerts are always very lively. With a distinctive disco sound of wind instruments, drums and guitars, the musicians manage to make any tired foot tremble. A program tailored to the program lightshow ensures the right disco effects. Numerous hits by well-known artists have been arranged by Martin Woodford, musical director of the orchestra, especially for the modern wind ensemble Woody's Sound. But you absolutely do not have to do without the Advent feeling on December 14th. The "Ladies of Brass" provide a festive mood in the pre-season program. Martin Woodford's newly established rural women's orchestra shows in a very impressive way how much fun it is to learn an instrument in adulthood.

To ensure that all notes are in the right place, that every little passage is in order, the big band was preparing for this concert during an intensive rehearsal weekend in Rotenburg (Wümme). With 50 musicians between the ages of 8 and 80, rehearsals will not only be rehearsed on three days, but in good company new ideas for concerts, exits and titles will emerge. It is mostly the youthful members who want to play hits from the current music charts. Martin Woodford gladly accepts this challenge and arranges the most modern hits, making them suitable for the performance.

Tickets for the rocking Christmas concert are available in advance at Tourist-Info Winsen, at the music school Woodford and the ABC book trade in Stelle, at the Landeszeitung Lüneburg and at the box office. Adults pay 10 EUR, young people from 12 years 4 EUR and children under 11 years free. Of course, the Santa Claus has registered and also in the traditional raffle, the proceeds of which benefit children and youth projects, you can win great prizes.

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