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Play for pleasure!

How we became what we are - from small beginnings quite big.

Making music is fun, but it's really fun with others. And so, in 1997, the English-born musician Martin Woodford founded a small, fine orchestra for students from his School of Music, with which he played the titles he specially arranged for the orchestra.

That - and the fun the band members had - got around. And so the small group became a real big band with currently about 70 active musicians. The orchestra founded the association Woody's Sound e.V. The unique collaboration between the orchestra and the School of Music, the integration of "young" and "old" into a big band, and the special educational concept of the musical director, Martin Woodford, make up the growing success of the orchestra.
Here, people of all ages - from elementary school children to senior citizens - play alongside each other on equal terms, supplementing and learning from each other, not just musically.

Woody's Sound is not a normal big band, but also not a classical brass band. Woody's Sound is a modern brass ensemble with trumpets, trombones, saxophones, clarinets and flutes supported by drums, percussion, guitar, bass and keyboard. The extensive and constantly growing repertoire includes 80 "season titles" each of rock, pop, classical music and hits. In total, several hundred titles are in the fundus of the orchestra.
The rehearsals take place twice on tuesdays and wednesdays in the rooms of the "School of Music" in Stelle (Ashausen).

Woody's Sound plays all over the North on a variety of occasions when people want to enjoy it. Particularly popular are the Summer Concert, in which the complete Big Band presents itself, and the big Christmas Concert in the Town Hall in Winsen (Luhe).

We also like to come in small groups for a birthday party or other family celebrations.

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